Memory or Memorial Quilts

Tradditional Style Memory quilt with 7 inch blocks

Wrap yourself with memories of one who has passed. When a parent or grandparent has passed, who feels it the most? Kids and grandkids have a special bond. A custom quilt made from the clothing can be a special 'hug' from those who are not here any longer. Don't forget to have one made for YOU.

We can use almost any piece of clothing. Just keep in mind that if that item of clothing can't be laundered (i.e. silk or paper) then it might not be the best item to include in this quilt. We WANT this quilt to be used, and to be used for years to come. And for this same reason, we recommend that memory quilts be 'throw' sized. These quilts can be used in a chair, on the couch or just wrapped around when a private moment is needed. When you bring your items in, we will go through the clothing and let you know if it can be used successfully or if we should not use it.

We are happy to help with your quilt, so we have put together several articles that will help you plan your memory quilt.