Ordering Your T-Shirt Quilt

Just a few simple steps to get your order on its way.

1. Choose Your T-shirts

Pile of T-shirts ready to send in for a tee shirt quilt

Pick you favorite t-shirts. Visit our pricing page to determine how many T-shirts you will need for the size quilt you would like.

2. Mark Your T-Shirts, Note any Special Instructions

T-Shirt Quilt -Order formBasically, you just need to fold the t-shirts with the side out that you want to use. Anything other than that, you should attach a note. We suggest using masking tape or painters tape (not duct tape - the glue sticks to your shirts).  If you have a special way you would like the tee shirts laid out, just snap a picture of them and email the photo to us.

3. Print Your Order Form

Print and fill out the order form. If you have special instructions please write them on the order form or include notes on a separate sheet of paper. If you have a specific layout, be sure to include that with your shirts. You can also email a picture of the layout to us as well. 

4. Pack Your T-Shirts


Include your T-shirts, order form, any extra notes and deposit check (if paying by check) in the same box. If you are planning on paying with a credit card, include that info on the order form. Please use a sturdy box to mail your t-shirts. A lot of empty space can cause problems especially if shipping via UPS or Fed-Ex.  If including tee shirts for more than one quilt, be sure to separate the shirts by using plastic bags or some other way to define which shirts go to which quilt.  Shipping your t-shirts gives you a little more info about shipping and packing.

5. Let us know your T-Shirts are on the way.

Just shoot us an email to let us know your t-shirts are on the way. If we don't receive them after a short time, we can contact you to see if there was a problem in shipping.

Download printable order form.

 Order Form