Free T-Shirt Buyers Guide

This Guide Will Help You:

This guide was created to help you make an informed decisions to selecting a someone to make YOUR t-shirt quilt.  Whether it is us, or another company; these are questions you should consider.

Questions you should be asking:

  • How Do I Choose a T-Shirt Quilt Company?
  • Parts of a T-Shirt Quilt
  • What is The Difference Between a Blanket and a Quilt?
  • What Kind of Materials Are Used in a T-Shirt Quilt?
  • Can I Add A Photo to My Quilt?
  • What Holds The Quilt Layers Together?
  • Quilt Finishing (Binding)
  • Why Does a T-Shirt Quilt Cost So Much?
  • How To Order a T-Shirt Quilt


 T-Shirt Quilts of Texas is a full service professional business that can help you complete your quilt at most any stage. We also 'fix' quilts made by non-professionals. If you get started, and don't feel you are going to be able to complete your quilt. Take pictures of your quilt in process, email it to us, and we can let you know if we can help you get it finished.