Getting Started to Order Your T-Shirt Quilt

Probably the hardest part of ordering a t-shirt quilt is selecting the shirts you would like to include in your custom quilt.  Once you have done that, the rest is easy.

Selecting Shirts

  • Please make sure all of the shirts are clean, and free of smoke, moth balls smells, and pet hair. (Note: if your tshirts smell like moth balls, your finished quilt will smell like mothballs!)
  • Choose shirts that have sentimental value for the recipient.
  • Don't overlook your sweatshirts, jerseys, totebags, towels, pillowcases and baby blankets. These can all be incorporated.
  • Look at both sides of the shirt - some shirts have great graphics on both sides; consider using both sides (2 quilt squares). If you only want to use one side, please specify front or back, or we will use our best judgment for a beautiful layout. A minimal charge PER BLOCK is asssesed when combining parts of shirts.
  • Try to avoid sharp or pointy things. Puff paint, sequins, buttons and other 3-dimensional embellishments might be pleasant to look at, but can be an irritant when trying cuddle under the quilt.
  • Think of themes - Graduation, Sorority/Fraternity, Sports, Military Days, Favorite Vacation Spots, Marathons, Memory Quilts
  • Stained or 'holy' shirts sometimes have special memories attached to them. Embrace those imperfections to remember the moment. Keep in mind that the fusible that I put on the back will strengthen the shirts and make them last a lifetime.

Prepare T-Shirts

A little bit of thought before sending us your shirts will help us make a great quilt for you.
  • If you want to use both sides or have special instructions about combining front and back, pin a note to the side that is facing up. 

  • Tell us to either 'combine' it or to make '2 blocks' with the t-shirt.  "Front & Back" is confusing because we are not sure if you want to use the front and back as two blocks or to combine it in to one block.

  • Stack T-shirts so that the side you want used in the quilt is facing out.

Ship Your T Shirts

  • Pack your tshirts, include the order form and deposit in same box.
  • Mail to T-Shirt Quilts of Texas
  • Note address of where you shipped
  • Let us know the shirts are on the way.

Patiently Wait 4 or 5 Weeks

  • We will send an Estimate/Workorder via email.
  • We will send an Invoice via email when quilt is complete
  • Pay the balance
  • Await the arrival of your beautiful custom quilt

 Let Us Know How Much You Love Your Quilt!

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